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(y/n) stared at herself in the mirror, while it was true that her stomach was getting larger, so were other areas of her figure and it made her feel a bit...weird. She had told herself early on that she was not going to be one of those woman who cried over weight gained during her pregnancy, but that was when she was less emotional and less hormonal. Now as she looked at herself she couldn't help but feel a bit self conscious.

"(y/n), hurry up, it's time for dinner!" She heard Lovino yell from the kitchen. With a  wistful look at her figure she pushed her shirt back down and exited the bathroom. As soon as Lovino saw his wife enter the room he noticed the look in her eyes and was instantly on guard. He was expected a waterfall of tears, as this had happened every time she had that expression. He decided to ignore it, knowing from experience if he asked her about it, not only would he get in trouble but the tears would come earlier. He set a plate of food in front of her and took a seat across from her.

"Thanks for making dinner." (y/n) said, giving him a smile, he nodded at her, his eyes meeting hers for only a second before turning back to his food. (y/n)'s smile turned into a frown at his action, why wouldn't he look at her?

As they had dinner (y/n) made conversation with Lovino and she noticed that he was avoiding looking at her, and her earlier fears were being brought to light. It was halfway through their meal that she felt the tears drip from her eyes.

"A-are you okay?" Lovino asked, his eyes widening at her sudden emotion.

"I'm sorry!" She exclaimed, reaching up and wiping the tears away.

"S-sorry for what?" He hesitated asking, his gut telling him to run, but he knew if he did, this wouldn't end up well.

"For being so god damn fat you asshole!" She snapped at him, her sadness changing to anger quickly.

"W-what!" He said, quickly going over the events of the day, there was nothing he had done or said that she could've taken as him calling her fat. He had been careful!

"If you don't want to look at me like this then why the fucking hell did you shoot your stupid sperm into my womb and create this baby!"

"What are you talking about idiota! I didn't even say anything ab-" He was interrupted.

"You didn't have to, I know from the way you won't look at me!"

"What do you mean, the only reason I wasn't looking at you was because I didn't want to make you cry!"

"Then you made a mistake you bastard!"

"I don't know what I fucking did!" He cried staring into her (e/c) eyes. (y/n) scowled at him, throwing her fork onto her plate and leaving the kitchen. "Don't just leave!" He called after her. She thought he wasn't looking at her because he didn't like how fat she had gotten. He heard from the tomato bastard to to never let a woman think that or he would be living in complete hell.

He found her in the living room, glaring at the TV. He was unsure on how to approach this, so he decided to be much he could.

He walked up behind her and bent over the end of the couch, wrapping his arms around her chest, his mouth by her head.

"I-I love you bella." He said, "I don't care how you look, and I don't regret having you carry my child."

"Then wh-"

'Show her how much you love her Romano, show her how a true Italian expresses his love' The voice of his Grandfather echoed in his head, but he didn't have time to think about it.

"Shhh," he leaned closer to her ear, letting his warm breath brush against the lobe. "Let me show you how much I love you, when there's more of you there is so much more I can love. I'm going to kiss every inch of you bella, over and over again." His tongue slid from between his own lips and traveled the outer shell of her ear. "And once I'm done kissing every inch of you, I'm going to make you feel beautiful." He bit down on the lobe of her ear, earning a gasp from the woman in his arms, "Then I'm going to show you how much you affect me bella." His lips went to the sensitive area located behind her ear, kissing the delicate skin and traveling lower.

Rome watched from the window with a grin on his lips. He knew his grandson had it in him! With a silent good luck to his oldest grandson he disappeared from the window, slipping into the shadows.
So I had a friend who had the same weight problem as the reader, she was not one to worry about weight, and she told this to me early on in her pregnancy, but as she got bigger that fear was still there. I doubt her husband did what Romano did, but I guess we can't all have Grandpa Rome giving us advice!

The reason why the picture has changed for Romano is because I wanted a sexy picture for this chapter, not sure why, since nothing sexy happened, but still!

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